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Anyone who's experienced "death by PowerPoint" knows how dull and uninspiring presentations can be. The problem is that most presentations are one-way affairs, with little or no audience interaction, and text-heavy, with imagery used only to fill up space on the slide, rather than emphasise your message.

Sony Vision Presenter puts an end to uninspiring presentations. With Vision Presenter you can effortlessly combine a wide range of multimedia sources to create big, bold and dynamic presentations. Blend 4K video, live camera sources, PowerPoint presentations and web content and choose from a huge range of screen layout options, so you can engage and inspire your audience like never before.


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"Changing the game in presentations"

Discover how you can use Vision Presenter transform your presentations.

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Your content, your way



Combine live video sources, PC files, PowerPoint slides and full-HD videos to the screen simulataneously. Drag content from thumbnails to the live viewing screen and switch content around according to your agenda and specific vision.


Effortlessly control everything with your Android tablet or wireless mouse (such as Air Mouse). Vision Presenter’s friendly interface lets you spontaneously select, maximise, re-arrange or hide video sources – with no wires holding you back.

Beautiful pictures

Hook up one or more projectors to display screens and start presenting the way you want to. Single screen, 4K screen, Dual screen, Triple screen or Edge Blending - Vision Presenter has it covered. Want to go really large? Edge-blend two projectors and create a supersize image that fills a large conference room or lecture theatre for a jaw-dropping impact.


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Luxury carmaker Bentley turned to us to create an immersive experience for visitors to their high-end dealership in Amsterdam. With Vision Presenter, we gave them the world’s first all-digital automotive brand experience.


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Layouts and configurations

Now complex multimedia presentations don’t need a crew of dedicated AV support staff at the back of the room. You’re always in charge – selecting and re-sizing multiple video sources, adjusting volume levels and flicking through slide presentations.

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A world of applications

Wherever there's a message to be conveyed, Vision Presenter can improve that message.



Corporate presentations

Wow employees, customers and partners with a dynamic mix of slide presentations, video, sales charts and live web feeds. Invite staff to make spontaneous presentations via their own handheld devices.


Collaborative working

Work smarter and more collaboratively. Enrich design and engineering meetings with shared presentations, CAD renderings and sales data. Videoconference with colleagues overseas while sharing key project information.



Transform the quality and impact of every training course. Replace dull, static lecture materials with an inspiring mix of PowerPoint presentations, graphics, photos and web content plus live video.


Universities and colleges

Enhance any lecture with a seamless blend of complementary AV resources – from online learning materials to video clips, photos and course notes.


Visitor attractions

Add sparkle to museum exhibits, galleries and theme park attractions. Excite your audience with a dynamic blend of video and interactive web content.





VPL-FH Series

Installation Projector

VPL-SW Series

Ultra Short Throw Projector


Full HD PTZ Camera


Full HD PTZ Camera