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3D Medical Products

Sony 3D medical products deliver innovation and enhanced depth perception. Our line-up includes 3D medical monitors, 3D medical cameras and specific 3D medical recorders. Our 3D products use leading HD technology across the medical imaging workflow.
This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals only.

The very latest 3D medical products from Sony

From image acquisition to display, storage and presentation, Sony offers a range purpose-designed products that help clinicians capture and share 3D medical content.


What is 3D? And what does it mean for the medical industry?

Using 3D imagery can provide more depth, form and shape to surgeries and medical evaluations


End-to-end 3D medical workflow - what to expect from a 3D Sony solution

Find out more about the complete 3D experience for medical applications


Experience clear 3D medical monitor images

The LMD-2451MT is an advanced 24-inch 3D LCD panel.


High quality 3D footage with 3D video recorder

Learn more about the HVO-3000MT 3D video recorder from Sony


How can 3D technology benefit your medical environment?

No matter your field or expertise, 3D could enhance the way you work


Full HD stereoscopic 3D colour images

The MCC-3000MT gives surgeons Improved depth perception compared with 2D cameras