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Sony IP security cameras monitor access control for Paraguay’s largest industrial oilseed plant

Located in the Villeta area on the Paraguay River, CAIASA (Complejo Agro-Industrial Angostura S.A) is the largest industrial oilseed plant in Paraguay. The plant has two busy river ports to ship their products for export and, as such, it was essential for the company to maintain a secure, integrated and centralised security system.

Sony IP security cameras monitor access control for Paraguay’s largest industrial oilseed plant


CAIASA wanted to control the access and movement of people and vehicles (especially lorries) through critical areas on their site. They also needed to implement a process to monitor this movement, and a database to store video files for later analysis where necessary.

Within the project scope, it was necessary to provide a scalable solution, which could be easily integrated within the company's existing security processes.

CAIASA’s first requirement was to have high quality monitoring and video storage of different areas of the plant.

They also needed to maintain perimeter security by using an electric fence and implement automated License Plate Recognition (LPR) for controlling vehicle access into the premises.

Sony Solution

To meet the customer's needs, a cutting-edge integrated security system on an independent network platform was chosen, using fiber-optic transmission. It is managed from a Monitoring Room, known as the OEC (Operational Efficiency Centre).

Sony solution consists of 50 IP cameras, supported by Milestone Video Management Software, in the form of the XProtect Professional model, with Analytical Video (LPR). Both the indoor and outdoor cameras were carefully chosen based on the challenging environmental conditions and image quality requirements for each location.

Sony's IP cameras provide an unprecedented level of performance for HD video surveillance along with improved sensitivity thanks to the new Exmor CMOS sensor. These cameras also come with many useful features of IPELA ENGINE EX signal processing system such as View-DR, XDNR (eXcellent Dynamic Noise Reduction) and Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture (DEPA) Advanced.

IPELA ENGINE EX offers improved image processing while View-DR at 130 dB clearly captures objects, even under the most difficult lighting conditions, such as strongly backlit or high contrast areas. XDNR delivers clear, low-noise, images in low light conditions.

Sony IP cameras can be powered via Power over Ethernet, making installation easy.


After a smooth installation, the new Sony security system helped the plant to prevent many irregularities regarding operational work using lorry circulation, as well as control over the unloading of vehicles, and their exit.

CAIASA have also now implemented management support measures as part of their needs to comply with a specific security policy on their premises.

Why Sony Was Selected

The customer was impressed with the image quality captured by Sony security cameras. CAIASA also was very satisfied with the cameras general level of visibility, even in dark conditions.

Product List

SNC-VB600B: 25 units
SNC-ER585: 5 units
SNC-DH160: 3 units
SNC-VB600: 2 units
SNC-CH160: 2 units
UNI-ORBC6: 27 units
UNI-WMB1: 5 units
SSM-L22F1: 2 units
FWD42B2: 2 units

System Integrator


Application Provider

Milestone Systems

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