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Smart OR workflow and innovation: Sony at MEDICA 2017

Join Sony at the world's leading medical industry trade fair. We’re at MEDICA 2017 in Hall 10 on Stand H57 from 13-16 November. You’ll be able to experience our innovative technologies and solutions that streamline clinical workflows in the integrated OR and beyond.

Smart OR workflow and innovation: Sony at MEDICA 2017

A smart digital OR solution

It’s the centrepiece of today’s smart integrated Operating Room. Powerful, flexible and vendor neutral, NUCLeUS* is the video-over-IP platform that supports image-rich hospital workflows. Readily scalable and uniquely easy to use, NUCLeUS handles the efficient routing, management of multiple video streams from imaging sources in the Operating Room.

NUCLeUS allows video or still images from surgical endoscopes and other modalities to be instantly switched to any display in the OR via an intuitive touch interface. Content can also be recorded to a central server and routed over a hospital network to other Operating Rooms, consulting rooms and remote sites. The NUCLeUS platform also allows utilisation of recorded material for training and education within the hospital’s existing infrastructure.

Endoscopic surgery solutions

4K imaging offers surgeons greater detail to visualise fine structures during endoscopic procedures, while the improved depth perception of 3D can help surgeons work with greater confidence and accuracy.

At MEDICA we’re discussing partnerships with endoscopic camera manufacturers to develop innovative new imaging solutions. We’re showing parallel 4K and 3D surgical imaging workflows in action, featuring images from an endoscopic camera platform displayed on a Sony 4K 3D monitor.

Microscopic surgery solutions

At MEDICA 2017 Sony is demonstrating how native 4K imaging technology offers the exciting potential to transform microscopic surgery workflow. We’re also illustrating how a range of real-time digital image enhancement techniques can assist surgeons and OR staff during microscopic surgery.

Hybrid OR and HD surgical solutions

In today’s OR you’ll typically find a hybrid of high-end visualisation applications, alongside more conventional recording and printing solutions being used for documentation, training and educational purpose. We’re showing how Sony’s proven medical-grade video recorders, displays and printers are essential components of the most advanced surgical workflow solutions.

Diagnostic & documentation solutions

Discover how Sony’s reliable, high-performance healthcare products can support all aspects of clinical diagnosis and documentation. Highlights from our wide range of medical printers, recorders and displays are shown integrated into solutions from leading modality manufacturers for ultrasound and surgical applications.

We’re also demonstrating the superior features of Sony original print media that ensure excellent print quality and longevity.

Virtual Reality solutions

Virtual Reality (VR) presents the exciting potential to enhance the quality of medical training and education. In an exciting demonstration of Sony innovation, we’re showing a future Virtual Reality (VR) environment with our NUCLeUS platform as the central recording base. Imaging sources are combined with other data, creating an immersive virtualisation that allows others (e.g. surgeons, healthcare experts/specialist and students) to ‘participate’ in surgical interventions.

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*NUCLeUS is a product of eSATURNUS NV. eSATURNUS NV is a Sony group company.

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